The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers

“ I’ve believed in the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers since the beginning, in 2006-2007 FIVI was only an idea, a dream of a handful of visionary winegrowers; then the illumination.
I feel honored and I am proud, because I can say I have personally contributed to its creation in 2008, to give birth to an idea. We are more than 1000 today and we keep growing, from then till now it’s been a professional and human growth: when you are with FIVI you never feel alone, you are full of energy!

Gianmario Cerutti


To protect and defend the Winegrower who cultivates his vineyard personally, bottles his grapes, sells his wine directly and defends the territory and its diversities, and promotes the origin of the product as a guarantee of its quality.
The bureaucratic and standardising logics, unable to preserve small realities, could jeopardize us, trying to make us conform to models unsuitable to each peculiar reality, the real treasure of the Italian winemaking world: for this reason we’ve founded FIVI together, because we want to give voice to Winegrowers.


A path between history and territory

The word Moscato have always echoed on our hills and Canelli is its origin… here Moscato is part of the culture, of history, it is in the landscape, sculpted by the work in the vineyards: Moscato is pretty much inside each of us.

For this reason some producers, and we among them, have founded the Association of Moscato di Canelli Producers, which wants to enhance the grape variety Muscat Canelli, the wine Moscato d’Asti D.o.c.g. Canelli and the hills where it grows, being aware that the territory, the grape variety and the man, linked by history and tradition, form a unmatched and irreproducible ensemble, unique in the world.