First of all, we are and always will be viticulturists

Viticulturists since ever, we have been making wine from our grapes since the beginning of the past century, with the aim of obtaining quality wines. Enrico Cerutti founded the winery in the ‘30s together with his son Giovanni, a few years later they started the first vinifications and already in the ‘60s, when the eldest son Enrico started working in the company, the winery started bottling the first bottles. Now as then all the family is engaged in the company: Gianmario runs Cascina Cerruti with his father Enrico, his mother Luciana and his wife Anita, always following tradition and typicity and embracing a philosophy of constant improvement and respect of the vineyard’s ecosystem. The territory and the vineyard are the true heart and heritage of this family and it’s here that everything starts






A path to the respect of the environment

Our company has been using integrated farming methods since 1997, following the official protocol written by the Region of Piedmont, but a few years ago we started embracing a philosophy and farming techniques more careful with the environment where we work, along a step-by-step path to improvement, trying to preserve the environmental integrity and the biodiversity of the vineyard in every single aspect, from the planting of the vineyard to the harvest.
For this reasons we started following the regional farming rules, than we abandoned chemical fertilizers and replaced them with only manure and humus, we let grasses grow in the vineyard, today we make green manure constantly and we always try to improve and experiment new alternatives to traditional farming methods. The correct approach for us is “to set ourselves concrete and possible goals, never stop and improve every year”, believing in what we do with the right pragmatism of people working with the land and respecting it; we want to build practicable, not only theoretical realities: “be able to say what we do, and, above all, do what we say”.


Here we are, a family: Enrico and Luciana, Anita and Gianmario.


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